Sms440 Login


Earlier sms440 was known as sms7.in, now it is known as sms440 (sms four fourty). It is also a good ste to send freesms online. You can send sms text message at a very good delivery speed. You can access you existing account here at sms440 login or SMS440 Login

Sms440 Signup

If you didn't experienced sms440 then you can start with signing up for a free account with just a click away. here it is sms440 signup or sms440 signup

Sms440 Features

Features which makes it different from way2sms and 160by2 are:

  1. Support LMS (Long message service) i.e. 440 characters
  2. Its free
  3. Delivery speed is also awesome
  4. One of the best among long message service providers.
  5. Try SMS440 now to experience free long message service.